Getting You Back to Fundraising!


Hi, I’m Charlie Hunsaker of R I Arlington.

My objective is: Getting you back to Fundraising!

If you are looking at this page, my guess is that there may be something wrong with your back office operations that take care of your Advancement Systems and Services. And you want help!

In my blog, I’ve written about the three legs of the “systems stool“. Briefly, your “system” is the application Programs (software & hardware), the People, and your Policies & Procedures (infrastructure). Something isn’t up to speed in one or more of these areas. My objective is to quickly and cost-effectively help you identify which area(s) need what  improvements and get you back to Fundraising.

I’ve been doing this for over 25 years. I stay current with the Advancement Software in the market. I am familiar with “Best Practices” as well as IRS, CASE, PCI, FASB and other guidelines in our niche. I’ve addressed staffing and organization issues as part of projects for nearly 200 organizations. Clients have come to me with questions like:

  • We’ve just completed a $1B campaign but it was in spite of our system. How should we prepare for the next campaign? (This example was at Rice University; I’ve heard it about smaller campaigns at many colleges and universities.)
  • Advancement Services is just not getting their job done on a timely and accurate basis. What’s wrong?
  • Our Advancement software just isn’t supporting us – it’s not meeting our needs as well as we would like in annual fund, major gift prospecting & pipelines, events management, alumni membership, reporting, and so on. Can you help us clarify our requirements and take us through the RFP process? (I’ve responded to query this over 70 times!)
  • Our advancement reports are not consistent with our accounting reports. Why not?
  • Do I have the right level of staff and the right people to get our work done? Do they have the right organization/number/training/etc?
  • We’ve raised $2.5B in our 4$B campaign. How can we use our systems better to raise that last $1.5B (This was at Columbia University; I’ve worked offices with smaller campaigns too.)
  • Our Internal Auditors want to make sure that we’ve got proper controls over our procedures. Can you help us document and improve them?
  • Our Advancement/Phonathon/Events Management system vendor is going out of business (or is not really supporting their system). Can you help us find a great replacement? (And, of course, at the right price?)
  • and many others…

By the way one question that a couple clients have come to me with was “Our IT group has offered to build us a development system. Should we do that?”  I’ll answer this one free of charge to all. In my experience, you should BUY, NOT BUILD in a mature market! Buy a system that has been tested, documented, tried by many users and proven successful.  I thought you were trying to get back to fundraising; building your own system will take you far from this objective. (No Charge! Bring me the next question.)

You may find a (fairly) full list of my clients, recent clients, and services by clicking the links in this sentence. To view systems that I’ve worked with over the years with which clients please check here.

Note that I advocate that your system should be a “tool” to routinely help all your people support your fundraising, rather than just a “task” of tracking bits & bytes of data. Check out my blog posting on this Task vs. Tool idea.

I may not have “seen it all”, but in 25 years, I’ve seen much of it. How can I bring my skills and experience to bear on your problems? Fast – call me at 610-594-4791. Best – send me an e-mail through my contact page with a brief explanation of your need. Let me know a good time to connect with you so that we can fully discuss your situation.

It would be my privilege to serve you!

(Also feel free to check out my profile in LinkedIn )

Charlie Hunsaker